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My Boy Apk Downoad for Android

Download My Boy Game Latest Version

Have you always wanted to play Gameboy Advance games on your Android device? Because of the My Boy app! now you can! This is a super fast application that works as an emulator to run all these games just like the hardware game console in any Android device, from mobile phones to tablets.

My boy! It's super fast, so it does not take all your battery and is very compatible, because it can handle almost any game easily and offers a cable emulation either on the same device or on WiFi and Bluetooth .

There are several cheat codes that you can turn on and off while the game is running. Some of these codes are GameShark, ActionReplay and CodeBreaker. My boy application also comes with BIOS emulation, IPS / UPS ROM correction and allows you to have cool video filters by supporting GLSL shaders.

Take screenshots to save your game and sync your progress with Google Drive to play on any device without having to start over. You can ignore game stories and slow down the levels you are trying to overcome at normal speed.

Last, my boy! Created with a clean and beautiful design that fits perfectly to your Android screen, it allows you to create or move to different layouts and key mapping profiles, as well as create shortcuts to launch the games you get at leave your office love.

My Boy Apk Features

  • Impressive arcade emulator for Android platform.
  • Fully loaded and fast emulator.
  • Can run GameBoy advance games on every Android device.
  • Saves your battery by working fast.
  • Compatible with every GameBoy game.
  • Got high level of BIOS emulation.
  • Got simple, neat and clean interface.
  • Can create shortcuts for your favorite games

Free Download My Boy GBA Emulator APK Free Download: If you like to play and need an emulator for this. So, my boy GBA Emulator APK is the perfect solution for you. My Boy APK is an excellent emulator used for Game boy games and compatible with all Android devices.

It has the ability to imitate all aspects of the hardware perfectly. The only emulator that has excellent speed. Performance is just more than an emulator. You can even save your progress and then get back to it at any time.

The strength of My Boy full APK version is that it works on all Android devices and does not use much battery. You can perform almost all games without obstacles.

My Boy apk will come from a variety of cheat codes for the game including scores, with huge waves replay code and behavior are some of the codes. That also allows you to have a zealous boy interesting to see through filters to help glsl shades. In this way, he can not experience it and enjoy the faces of all is a jealous God. So now you can have that magic all jealous of you. The app is a link so that you can have fun and downloading. Android devices makes the game compatible with your most important customers.

It provides the fastest, most complete transmission that can save battery power. It's proven to be almost compatible with the My Boy android game and you can run it without any problem. It has high BIOS detection and you are free from a useless BIOS file. It supports GLSL filters of video filters. There are quick options that allow you to ignore long stories you do not want to see. You can save any game at a specific point on the screen. More importantly, there really is a simple, clean and clean interface that is really fast. You can create shortcuts for your favorite games for direct access.

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